Win Free Baby Supplies Such as Baby Video Monitor, Diaper Bag and FREE Diapers!

I have 3 great giveaways for those of you expecting babies, or who have babies! Right now you can enter to win Free baby supplies such as a Baby Video monitor, Diaper Bag and FREE Diapers!

Enter to win this wireless baby video monitor by Infant Optics! I have seen these wireless Baby Video Monitors before and I think they’re awesome! I wish they were around when I had babes, because it would make multitasking much easier.   It’s the must-have item for multitasking parents everywhere! Once you have entered the baby video monitor giveaway, enter to win this fancy SkipHop Diaper Bag, which goes with everything including the little black dress. Best of all (in my opinion), enter to win diapers for as long as your baby needs them!!

Great giveaways for mom and baby!! Be sure to hit them all!

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