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Boxer Briefs and Hoodies from Hanes

If you are anything like me, then stocking stuffers are often that last thing you shop for. I have been known to go out late on Christmas Eve, to get a few last stocking stuffers. I find that I have too many gifts for one or two kids, and not enough for the others, so I have to head out to even things out. I think I have the most difficult time deciding what to stick in those stockings. One thing I know is that Hanes will always have me covered for those last minute gifts – if needed.

My boys are all in need of some new undies, so I decided to go that route. For as long as my boys have been potty trained, they have worn briefs. As they get older I have decided to transition them over to Hanes’ Boxer Briefs. They started wearing them early this Fall, and I think they have made a huge difference for them. Not to give too much information, but my twins used to have a very bad problem (almost a twitch) of readjusting, or grabbing, their particulars. It was very embarrassing because they would do it no matter where we were! Someone suggested trying boxer briefs to see if that would help, and it did!! We have had nearly as many issues since the switch. Things just don’t get in the way as much.

The nice thing about Hanes’ products is that you can buy them nearly everywhere! If you aren’t in a hurry for stockings, but want a great deal on undies, the Hanes Boys’ Boxer Briefs, 5 pack, happen to be on sale for $8.99 (Reg. $11.50).

Because Northern California weather is fairly mild, a hooded sweatshirt is often all you need in the Fall and Winter. There are some stormy days where you may need more than that, but sweatshirts are worn the most. This Fall, I armed my boys with the Hanes EcoSmart Boys’ Graphic Full-Zip Hoodie Sweatshirts. That was a mouthful! For just $12, these sweatshirts have held up so nicely. I personally love the zip hoodies because you don’t have to pull them over your head, and risk messing up your hair. Since the twins wear the same size, I was glad to find that Hanes had different graphics to choose from. This way, the boys can easily tell their sweatshirts apart.

Arm your kiddles with the things they need this Winter, and Hanes is more than happy to help!


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