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Funeral Sandwiches: Nothing To Mourn About Here!

Welcome, and So glad to see you eyeing my yummy sandwiches!

Funeral Sandwiches - that are so good they just might send you to the grave - if you eat too many! The best ham and cheese sliders out there. It's all in the sauce!

I must admit that I am not a big sandwich maker. Don’t get me wrong, I love sandwiches! I just often feel like my sandwiches are nearly as good as ones that I can get at a gourmet deli shop. I can say that NO MORE, because these Funeral Sandwiches are A-MAZING! You came to the right place to “up” your sandwich-making game. I have improved my skills over the years, but now I mostly just don’t take the time to whip up a delicious sandwich. Therefore, I am left feeling disappointed with a plain ol’ sandwich that I threw together in basically 2 seconds!

Funeral Sandwiches: Nothing To Mourn About Here!

Why do I keep doing this to myself? I have some very good sandwich recipes, but I guess they take more time than I want to put in for a sandwich. This is nonsense right? Food is meant to be enjoyed! Okay, it’s meant to provide nourishment too.

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Funeral Sandwiches: Nothing To Mourn About Here!

This slider recipe is fast, easy, and to die for! I hope you enjoy these little gems as much as we do! They could serve up as an appetizer, because they aren’t a large sandwich, or as your main entree.

Funeral Sandwiches: Nothing To Mourn About Here!

What you need for this recipe is an excellent 9×13 pan. Want a great pan at a great price, and comes with a lid?? This baby is golden, and you can’t really beat the price for what you get!

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  • I like the recipe too. We grew up here in the South calling them “Ham Buddies”, using country ham that has been lightly fried. Making a spread of soften butter, brown mustard, worcestershire, brown sugar & my favorite..Toasted Sesame Seeds. Mix all spread ingredients together & spread on rolls. Add ham & swiss cheese. Bake 350 for 15 – 20 minutes covered.
    These are my youngest Marine most favorite. He asked me make these & have them there the day he came home on his first tour.

  • Hm, I haven’t heard of anyone having that problem Elizabeth, but I will see if I can find any way to troubleshoot it. Perhaps try a different browser? You may also need to turn off any pop-up blockers. Just an idea.

  • I made theses for a Christmas party this past holiday and they were fabulous. Very tasty but a little messy to eat. That certainly didn’t stop us from devouring them. The different flavor from the Swiss cheese to the Worcestershire all blended well together. I will definitely make them again!

  • I made these for a Christmas party this past holiday and they were fabulous. Very tasty but a little messy to eat. That certainly didn’t stop us from devouring them. The different flavor from the Swiss cheese to the Worcestershire all blended well together. I will definitely make them again!

  • Question do these go in fridge if they r marinated over night?? And if so wouldn’t bake time be more

  • Hi!! These look delicious! I am the caregiver for my parents, and they would love them. However, Dad has to avoid sodium, carbs and cholesterol due to cardiac, diabetic and other issues. Basically the cardiologist told me (to apply to me as well) that if it tastes good, we probably should not have it. 🙁 Do you have the nutritional info on this recipe? Or suggestions of other recipes we could try? Mom can eat most everything, but is getting more confused. On a good note, they have been married for over 60 years and still hold hands every night. Thanks for any assistance that you can give.

  • —–>>>> Julie…. I would get a less sodium/fat based ham and cheese and spread the mix on the top a little and maybe on the bottom too instead of just pouring the mix over… my local supermarkert has both kinds of chese and hams… if a little more flavor needed.. think of adding some rosemary or pineapple.. depending on your likes…
    . Yummy!!!!

  • I’m not a fan of Hawaiian bread, do you think they’d work with another kind of dinner roll?

  • I have made these and although they were delicious they had to be eaten with a fork and knife. The marinade pooled on the bottom making the sandwiches soggy. Did I do something wrong? Loved the flavor and the leftovers heated up nicely. Will definitely make again especially if you can “fix” my problem!

  • Can these be made and then frozen to eat at a later date? If so, at what point do you freeze them? Thanks!

  • Hi Stacy, I would definitely give it a try. You could try making them all the way and just reheating. They won’t be quite as soft and gooey, but still tasty. or assemble them and freeze, then prepare sauce and serve.

  • I saw this and a similiar recipe (Bunco Buns)…kept telling my Women’s Group I wanted to make them. So I invited them over for a Board Meeting and served with a tossed salad and beverage. They loved them…and so did I. At that meeting I found out that one of my board members didn’t eat ham…so the next board meeting I made them with turkey breast. I roasted a breast for Sunday dinner and used the rest for the Monday night meeting. Used some swiss and some havarti. The cheese didn’t make much difference…they were still wonderful. My next adventure with this recipe will be roast beef and bleu cheese crumbles. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe.

  • Looks like you missed a few things in your recipe. The sandwiches should be refrigerated prior to baking and they definitely DO NOT get soggy so I am wondering if the recipe you are using has some flaws? Might I suggest giving my recipe a try? Just a few different ingredients and a different cooking temp may make the difference. Easy to make and very tasty.

  • I have made these sandwiches several times and always get rave reviews. I cut slits into the tops of the rolls before I pour the sauce over them so that the top of the rolls soak up some of the sauce which distributes the sauce more evenly and makes the bottoms a little less soggy. Love this recipe.

  • I love these and yes they are messy but I’m wondering if it’s because I pulled apart each roll before cutting it in half. Would it be less messy and/or soggy by keeping all the rolls together vs. pulling them apart before cutting in half and pouring the sauce over? It may be less soggy and messy but I’m also wondering if each roll would get saturated enough and be just as tasty??

  • hi, I have the same exact recipe as yours but mine
    is just half of that recipe to be poured over that 12 buns.
    so yeah….I don’t get the ‘soggy-bun’ effect.

    however I do have a question…..
    when u say mustard……..are you talking of mustard powder
    or the sauce thingy that you squirt on your hotdogs ??
    coz that is what ive been using all this while

    and yeah….frankly I don’t see anything to rave about (the taste I meant)
    please email me your reply.
    thank you.

  • This recipe is fantastic! I served them on New Year’s Day for my visiting family, made them for a co-worker who just had a baby, and we are serving them at my baseball themed baby shower this weekend. To avoid soggy bottoms I like to pour the sauce over the bottom layer of the rolls before I add the ham and cheese. Thank you for my favorite go-to sammy.

  • I love these sandwiches! I had found your recipe and a couple of days later, I found a recipe called Bunco Buns…which was exactly the same. I have made them several times for my Women’s Group Board meetings. They love them. I have also tried making them with corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss and dab of 1000 Island dressing. Excellent also! Thank you for sharing this great recipe.

  • I made these yesterday exactly as is, and they were so bad to me and my family hated them too 🙁 The WS was just too overpowering and the sugar on top of sweet bread was just too much. The concept was a good one and I will try them again my own way. Probably with garlic butter and half the WS and no sugar. I could see that there was some flavors there that complimented each other but it was just too much going on there for us. Thanks for sharing though. It at least gives me a new concept to work with.

  • Hi Jenny, I have never actually used a roaster so I’m not completely sure on this. Essentially you are just melting the cheese and heating things through, so I would think it would work. Let me know if you give it a try!

  • We were talking about these at work today so I decided to look them up. Just thought I would let you know that when you Google or Bing “funeral sandwiches” results are there but the link is broken.

  • I make the funeral sandwiches but they was soggy can you tell me why. I bake them about 30 minutes

  • The recipe isn’t anywhere on the page. Lots of pictures, all the comments but no recipe. I’ve clicked on everything.

  • This page is not created very well…. The actual recipe does not show….. Print what? The pictures….. Perhaps the first thing should be the actual recipe….. Very frustrating…. Sorry…..frog

  • Hi Frog, I apologize for the confusion and frustration. As I mentioned below, recipe printing plugin caught a glitch and hid the recipe. Working on this ASAP.

  • Months later and your recipe still isn’t showing. Can someone direct me to the recipe? I would love to make these this week.

  • I’m so sorry this hasn’t been showing for you Michelle. I just removed some code, so that should help. I refreshed and it’s showing fine for me.

  • I made them as the recipe said but added a little more brown sugar and butter mixture on top bcuz I thought the smell of the mustard was a little over powering is that normal? I’m not a mustard fan so I can’t try them and say if I’ve liked them or not but taking them to a cousins house since her husband just passed away thought I would do something different. Wish me luck!!

  • Oh I’m so sorry for your cousin’s loss, Bambi! I hope they love the recipe. I’m not a huge mustard fan either, and while these sandwiches do smell of mustard, I don’t think the taste is that strong. I’m sure you did great!

  • It completely baffles me as to why some think it OK to be rude and tear apart a blogger’s website and recipe! These sandwhiches are fantastic and easily adapt to different individual preferences. Thank you for posting!

    Hotdishhomeaker I have no words except that smart people never miss an opportunity to shut up! Try it! It might just change your life. It disappoints me greatly that I won’t be able to patronize your site and try your recipes.

  • A dear, sweet woman at our church makes a tray of these with turkey @ another with ham. They always disappear! She said the name “funeral sandwiches” is appropriate because “They are to die for”!!!!

  • I have teenage/young adult boys and these disappear so fast in my house! Absolutely to die for,
    thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • I want to make these for a Christmas Day lunch since our grown kids have in-laws to celebrate with as well & having dinner later in the day.
    Please advise me how I can keep the bottoms from getting soggy.
    Thanks in advance for your help!

  • Unfortunately if you use Kings Hawaiian Rolls, they’ll likely get soggy some, because they’re such a soft roll. You could try a different kind of roll.

  • I have found, by trial and error, that if you brush (not pour) some of your sauce on top of the bottom layer of the rolls then some on top of the ham and cheese then place top of rolls on they don’t get soggy. I also don’t separate my rolls before baking. I just slice the whole pack in half and layer a small amount of sauce, ham, cheese and the amount of sauce that you prefer on top of that, then place top half of rolls on. I then lightly brush a bit more sauce on top. Refrigerate then bake as directed and then cut the rolls individually. I had to adapt for my family because they’re not much on sauce. It’s a great recipe that can be adapted to anyones like or dislikes. I mix the required amount of sauce called for, but never use it all. However, I do save the leftover sauce and serve heated on the side for anyone who wants more for dipping.

  • The King’s Hawaiian Rolls are made on the Big Island of Hawaii. They are then frozen & shipped all over the US. They are available in most grocery stores. I took a tour of the plant when I visited the Big Island, 5 years ago.
    The bottoms of these get way too soggy for my liking. Next time I’m going to make less of the sauce & spread a little on each side of each roll.

  • Has anyone tried putting these upside down before pouring on the liquid? It seems like the tops of the rolls wouldn’t absorb as much and end up soggy. Any experience before I give it a shot?

  • Emily —

    I am a lieutenant in the navy and I make these sandwiches for pretty much every potluck/event and all the Navy guys RAVE about them! I have gotten so much use out of this recipe and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your posting it.

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