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Shedding Summertime Pounds: A Few Healthy Food Essentials to Get My Diet Back on Track

Has the fun of summer gone to your waistline? Check out how I plan to get back on track by stocking my fridge with healthy foods and how my sponsors at Albertsons are making that affordable with their HUGE Anniversary Sale

Summertime for us is all about family, fun and food. Whether its having friends and family over for a BBQ, going out with the kids for ice-cream or making s’mores by the campfire, summer brings a lot of opportunities to “cheat” on my diet. I have tried really hard to stay on track and keep my goals in mind, but I have noticed that over the past few weeks I have been slipping up a little too much. As a result, I have put back on a few pounds (that I worked so hard to take off) and have just not been feeling as healthy as I want to be.

However, all is not lost! School starts back up for us next week, which gives me the perfect opportunity to start fresh on my diet and clean eating. For me, the first step is making sure that I have my fridge stocked with lots of yummy, healthy options, so that I am less tempted to head for the cookies.

Albertsons Sale

Lucky for me, my fresh start has coincided with the Albertsons HUGE anniversary sale, so getting all of my healthy food essentials is even more affordable. Here is what I am stocking my fridge with to help me be ready to shed those summer pounds, AND I even included sale match-ups (because I love you)!


– Fage Greek Yogurt with strawberries: This yogurt is so thick and creamy that it truly feels like I am eating a delicious pudding. I enjoy it with a few strawberries to dip in. What a treat! Yet, it’s full of protein, calcium and probiotics, so it’s a treat I can feel good about! Yogurt is on sale 10 for $10 and strawberries are on sale for 2/$5

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast: I really struggle to get enough protein in my diet, so I love to have some boneless skinless chicken breast grilled up and ready to add to a salad or sandwich to add an extra serving of protein. Right now it’s on sale for $1.79/ lb or “buy one get one free” for the pre-seasoned variety.

Bumblebee Tuna: I know that fish is so healthy for my body, but I am not a seafood lover. However I do enjoy tuna, so I try to incorporate that into a meal or snack 2-3 times per week. I recently discovered slicing a red bell pepper in half and filling it with tuna. It was amazing! So delicious and healthy, it’s my new favorite way to do tuna! Try it this week as Bumblebee Chunk Light tuna cans are on sale for $.79

Fresh Fruits and Veggies: I have not always been able to view fruits and veggies as a snack item, but I am starting to get to where I can. Part of what helps me is to have some delicious fresh varieties in my fridge all ready to go! I wash and chop them and put them into single serving containers, so they are easy and ready to go. No excuses! I have a shelf in my fridge dedicated to my “snack” fruits and veggies, so that anyone in my family knows that those fruits and veggies are fair game anytime they want a snack. I love to get fruits and veggies that are in season, so right now that means crisp red grapes and juicy melons. At Albertson’s this week it is “melon mania” so you can get fantastic deals on all kinds of melons, and blueberries are only $.99 per 6 oz container.

Mars Candy Bites: Ok, so this one may not sound like healthy diet food! But… sometimes a girl just has to have a little chocolate. When that happens to me, I like to have these on hand because each packet contains little tiny “bites” of my favorite candy bar. I worked it out, and each bite only has 25-40 calories (depending on the variety) so it’s an excellent way to curb that craving without going crazy! These little life-savers are on sale for $2.99 per bag.

So, with my fridge stocked up I am excited and ready to get back at it, and clean up those extra pounds before the holidays hit us! I would
love some help, so share your favorite food that helps you get back on track!



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