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Best Branson Attractions

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Best Branson Attractions

Attending shows in Branson, MO is something everyone must do while visiting, but what about between shows? There is so much to do so there’s no sense sitting around twiddling your thumbs during the day. Between everything the Welk Resort has to offer their guests and the many attractions in town, here are what I deem to be the best Branson attractions. We had nearly 4 days to spend, and packed every day full of fun!

Best Branson Attractions

Silver Dollar City, National Crafts & Cowboy Festival

Silver Dollar City, National Crafts & Cowboy Festival

Silver Dollar City is a good time for all ages, no matter what time of year you go. They have numerous world class festivals throughout the year and the National Crafts & Cowboy Festival was going on when we attended.

Silver Dollar City, National Crafts & Cowboy Festival

It was perfect because between the yummy eats and rides, there were hundreds of vendors from all over, selling and demonstrating their craft.

Silver Dollar City, National Crafts & Cowboy Festival

Silver Dollar City has new vendors each year, as well as their every day demonstrating craftsmen such as the glass blowers, blacksmith (Keith’s favorite), pottery, candy makers and more! I purchased some weaved corn from a sweet lady who has been setting up shop year after year.

Silver Dollar City, National Crafts & Cowboy Festival

When I say there is something for everyone, I truly mean it. If you love rides then you’ll love the thrill of the new Time Traveler roller coaster, or white water rafting and splashing! If you love reveling in the art of the many craftsmen, and shopping, there’s plenty of that! If nature and beauty is your thing then they’ve got you covered. Shows and performers abound so you can sit and eat something yummy while enjoying the entertainment. This is truly a theme park for all ages and I’m eagerly awaiting another visit, but during Christmastime because I hear they go ALL OUT!

Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery

Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery

For some outdoor educational fun, a stop by the Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery is a fun way to start the day. I find fish hatcheries so fascinating, and you can even purchase some fish food and watch the many trout go crazy over the pebbles you feed them.  

Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery

This is the largest trout-rearing facility operated by the Missouri Department of Conservation. When you’re done learning about the life of the trout, you can take advantage of nearby hiking trails, fishing and bird watching.

Lunch at Arnie’s Barn, Top of the Rock

Arnie's Barn, Top of the Rock-2

I put lunch at Arnie’s Barn, Top of the Rock as an activity because aside from the absolutely delicious food you’ll get, the experience is fantastic.

Arnie’s Barn, Top of the Rock

Get some of the best views in Branson, from Top of the Rock! The grounds are just beautiful, including a golf course and an old church building that is said to be gorgeous inside as well outside. Unfortunately the elevators to get to it were closed during our visit. Before or after lunch, you can take advantage of shopping, the Ancient Ozarks Natural History Museum, nature trails, wine cellar and Top of the Rock Lost Canyon Cave. 

Fritz’s Adventure and Fritz’s Aerodium

Fritz's Adventure in Branson, MO

Whether you’re with the family, friends or your spouse, Fritz’s Adventure is a fantastic time! This was probably our favorite stop in Branson and we only wish we had more time to spend here. Crawl through underground tunnels, rock climb indoor and outdoor walls, slide, go through challenging ropes courses and so much more.

Get your blood pumping with the zipline drops and climbing through a suspended airplane.

Fritz's Aerodium in Branson, MO

Then take the fun outside and get your taste of skydiving with Fritz’s Aerodium. This is the first outdoor Aerodium in the United States and it really gives you the feel of skydiving without actually having to jump out of a plane. It was exhilarating and just oh so much fun! You could spend all day at Fritz’s Adventure, easily. Watch the video of me flying….

Bigfoot Fun Park and Bigfoot Discovery Expedition Tour

Branson Bigfoot Fun Park

Looking for some outdoor adventure and some laughs? Bigfoot Fun Park has some cool outdoor mazes (Yeti Fun Zone) and Monkey Jump, where you jump off a ledge into a bounce house type arena. Add in miniature golf and a couple of thrilling rides like the Bigfoot Super Sling and Bigfoot Gravity Bomb. I didn’t have the stomach for them but they definitely looked exhilarating!

Branson Bigfoot Discovery Expedition Tour

Head indoors for some arcade fun before you take off on the Bigfoot Discovery Expedition Tour. Some may find the hunt for bigfoot slightly cheesy, but if the weather is nice, you get a nice ride in a 4×4 safari vehicle as you hunt for evidence of bigfoot in the Ozarks. The narration and video footage is entertaining, but my favorite part was petting and feeding the highland cows on property. They’re adorable!

Branson Jet Boats, The Branson Landing

Branson Jet Boats

Ready for some exhilaration and fresh air and water? A jet boat ride is oh so fun and at The Branson Landing, you’ll take in some gorgeous scenery along the way. Plus, it’s a great spot for shopping before or after your ride. Expect to get a little or a lot wet, depending on your driver and where you sit on your Branson Jet Boat. You may want to take a poncho.

We sat in the back row, center, and didn’t get wet, which we were grateful for because it was a little chilly. If you go on a hot day, expect to get WET! This is a lot of fun as you’ll experience some 360s and nose dives.

Runaway Mountain Coaster

Runaway Mountain Coaster

While this is a pretty quick bout of fun, it’s so worth it! Go at dusk if you can because it makes for great ambience. If you like a little spookiness then I’d recommend heading out to Runaway Mountain Coaster during Halloween time, as they have lots of frights and lights along the tracks. Once the sun sets, the track lights up with all kinds of fun colors, for a new kind of experience.

Branson Runaway Mountain Coaster

I opted to ride by myself first and then with a crew member so I could get the whole thing on video. There is a weight limit, so you may have to ride yourself. Expect to go fast down a long mountain coaster where gravity makes your speed, and you do have a hand brake if you need to slow it down. Be ready for some squeals! I loved every minute of it!

Watch my point of view video of my ride on the mountain coaster!

The Track Family Fun Park and Branson Ferris Wheel

Track Family Fun Park and Branson Ferris Wheel

If you find yourself with free time, the Track Family Fun Park and Branson Ferris Wheel is great to squeeze in between other activities or at the end of the day. In fact, I highly recommend stopping over after one of your shows one evening because the ferris wheel is awesome at night, and they put on a light show in regular increments.

Track Family Fun Park and Branson Ferris Wheel

The Go Kart tracks are also super fun at night. Keith and I opted to race each other on the Heavy Metal High Rise so we could stop at the top and enjoy the light show from the ferris wheel. When you’re done, play inside on the arcades!

Daily fun at Welk Resorts

Welk Resorts

We stayed at the Welk Resorts for our entire Branson stay, and had such a busy schedule that we didn’t get to enjoy all they had to offer. Their pool and water slides and the Splash-a-torium looked like a blast, as well as the outdoor checkers and daily activities.

Lawrence Welk Miniature Golf

Every day is full of different activities such as bingo, relays and much more. Plus, take advantage of on-site mini golf, game room and the theatre where you can see the Million Dollar Quartet perform.

As you can see, there is so much to do in Branson! It’s a great city for all ages and likes. One thing we didn’t have time to squeeze in that I’d recommend is the Promised Land Zoo. I’ve heard great things and I plan to get over there next time we visit. I’d love to hear if you’ve visited any of these Branson attractions! For my Branson show recommendations, read my article on the best shows in Branson.

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