Repurposed Thrift Store Basket

Repurposed Thrift Store Basket


I used to watch Rachael Ray all the time, and always loved the episodes where Kristan Cunningham would come on and show the amazing things she would do with thrift store, and garage sale items. She has such a knack for repurposing things. I have always wanted to have this talent, but I often look at old junky stuff as “old junky stuff”. I have worked really hard to open my mind and my imagination to see how I might be able to turn old looking things into something cool.

My bathrooms have been quite bare since we moved in, and it has really bothered me. I just couldn’t think of the right thing to put on the walls, and I really didn’t want to spend much money. I decided to go thrift store shopping with my bathroom walls in mind. I found the blue basket, pictured above, and thought it might be kind of cute if I cleaned it up and painted it white, for my guest bathroom.

What do you think? I kind of love it and it was only $3! It is amazing what a little spray paint can do!


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