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Moose Toys Micro Chargers and The Track Pack Street Sweeper + Giveaway

Moose Toys Micro Chargers and The Track Pack Street Sweeper + Giveaway

Cars have been a boy’s favorite toy for ages! It is amazing to me how one little toy with 4 wheels can create hours of play and pleasure. Moose Toys has come out with a new way to have fun with cars, with the Micro Chargers. Micro Chargers come with a Loop Stunt Track , and you can purchase Launcher Packs separately. There are additional tracks and pieces you can add to your Loop Stunt Track, but it is a good place to start.

The Loop Stunt Track comes with a trading card, the track of course, and a handheld charger with one exclusive quick charge Stunt Car. You don’t have to push these little cars with your hands. Simply place the car into the handheld charger for a quick charge, then release it to perform gravity-defying stunts on it’s own. Kids can race their own micro chargers on the stretch of track, then they have to tackle the loop before slingshotting back to tackle the loop again. The only downfall is the time it takes to put the track together. My kids are speedy at things like that though.

There are 9 cars to collect, and the best part is that these little guys charge in under 8 seconds for more than 30 seconds of playtime. We broke out the track and even hubby and I had a fun time playing with these. It was fun to have our cars race and see who came out last. You can get a really good idea of how to put the track together, and work the cars, watch the Micro Chargers Loop Track Guide on Youtube.

Another new product that I have been seeing hit the toy store shelves is The Track Pack line of toys. I received the Trash Pack Street Sweeper, which comes with two trash cans and trashies. The fun thing about the Trash Pack is that sometimes you don’t know which trashies you are going to get. Open up the trash can and be surprised. The Street Sweeper is recommended for kids 5+, and I would try to stick to the recommended age for these little guys. The trashies are small and squishie, and quite funny, but might be easily lost or chewed on by small children.

The Street Sweeper is especially cool because you can leave your trashies on the ground and wheel the sweeper by, to suck up all of the garbage. The sweeper holds two Trashie Bins.

Collect 100 different Trashies, or swap ’em with friends. You can purchase 2 or 5 packs of Trashies in Trash Cans. I haven’t seen the commercials from these, but I have heard they’re a hoot.

One Clever Housewife reader will win a Micro Chargers Launcher, while another reader will win a Trash Pack Play Set. The giveaway will end at 12:01am on 10/16. To enter, fill out the rafflecopter below.
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I received the Micro Chargers and Track Pack Street Sweeper + Trashies to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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