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Parmesan and Herb Bread

Parmesan and Herb Bread


For all of you carb addicts out there, this Parmesan and Herb Bread is very simple to make, and a great way to dress up your bread. You can serve it as an appetizer or along with a nice saucy pasta dish. Anyone else like dipping their bread in their extra sauce? Um, YUM! Isn’t the bread there to wipe up the plate when you’re finished? That’s what I like to do anyway. Okay, my secret is out!

Take a round loaf of bread (boule) and cut slices all the way across the bread, without cutting all the way through to the bottom.

Then cut slices perpendicular to the first slices that were made. Again, do not cut all the way through the loaf.

Stick a few pads of butter down between the cuts, and sprinkle whatever herbs you’d like. I used Herbs de Provence (savory, fennel, basil, thyme and lavender).

Sprinkle freshly grated parmesan cheese over the bread, and tuck it down inside of the loaf, with your fingers. Feel free to add some roasted garlic here!

Bake bread at 350°, for about 10-15 minutes – until cheese is melted and top of bread is slightly crispy.

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