DIY Felt Flower Hair Clips

DIY Felt Flower Hair Clips

One of the nominations for this week’s Pinterest Challenge was to make some hair accessories. Even though that nomination wasn’t the winning vote, I decided to take the challenge. I have made my daughter a few bows in the past, but decided to try my hand at felt flower hair clips. I don’t have any amazing craft stores in my area, so I had to settle on basic cheap felt. This felt isn’t as thick or sturdy as some of the nicer felts, such as wool felt, but at $.34, I had to give it a shot. I am quite pleased with how they turned out. I had a friend (my kid’s babysitter, who is going away to college next week :(, ) Come give me a hand. We were quite pleased with how they turned out. I took my ques from Make It and Love It.

My first hair clip post is probably my favorite flower, and really quite easy to make. You will need two colors of felt, needle and thread and/or hot glue, scissors and a paper and pencil.

Click on the template above, to enlarge and print. You can make your pieces larger or smaller, depending on how big you want your finished product to be. I just free-handed these, so they are not perfect.

Cut out all of your shapes and pin them to your felt, for stable cutting. Once you have your circle and two leaves cut out, hot glue or stitch the leaves to one side of the circle. This will actually be the top and not the underneath side. Sometimes I stitch and sometimes I hot glue, so do what works for you.

I found that with the thin felt, it was sometimes easier to cut when I doubled up, and that also means I get 2 cuts at once! You will need to cut out 4 of the flower shapes.

Fold the cut out flower pieces in half and in half again. Then you will mentally divide the circle (with leaves on it) into quarters. Each folded flower pieces will take up one corner/quarter.

Stitch the folded corner of the flowers down toward the center of the circle. Repeat with each flower, so the entire circle is covered. If you stitch close to the edge of the folded flower (through each of the folds), stitching will be hidden by the flowers.

This is what the top of your flower should look like after stitching. The last thing you need to do is to attach it to a clip.

I cut out a small matching piece of felt, to glue over to the underneath side of the clip, to also attach it to the flower. If you look closely, you will see there is a second piece of pink felt, attaching the clip to the flower.

Easy Peasy! Isn’t my little model just perfect?

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