The Odd Life of Timothy Green In Theaters

Trying to think of what to do this weekend, that will get out of the heat? I have just the idea! The Odd Life of Timothy Green is in theaters and I 100% recommend taking the family to see it. This film is amazing on so many levels.

Number one, it is completely clean, which is a rarity. I would feel absolutely okay about my children seeing it. Two, the cast is phenomenal, and I don’t think it could have gotten any better. CJ Adams, who plays the little boy in the movie, is very endearing and sweet. His parents, Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton are absolutely perfect. The costuming was great and fit the film perfectly, and lastly, the message is great.

If you aren’t familiar with what The Odd Life of Timothy Green is about, it is the story of a couple who is unable to have children. After they receive the news, they decide to write down all of the qualities they would want their child to have. Each piece of paper has a different quality, from having Uncle Bub’s sense of humor, to being honest to a fault, and they stick the papers in a box and bury it in their garden. That night there is a storm, but not any regular storm. This storm is only over the Green’s house, and it helps a child – a boy, named Timothy, to sprout up out of the garden. Mr. and Mrs. Green are in awe at what takes place, and discover that this child in fact busted out of the box they buried. From the time they meet Timothy, they fall in love. The movie  takes you on Mr. and Mrs. Green’s parenting journey, as they learn to parent a quirky, but sweet, 10-year old boy.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green is a heart warming film that reminds parents to cherish their children no matter what. If you are unable to conceive, or have adopted, then I definitely recommend taking tissues. This film is full of tender moments as well as laughs. I found myself grinning throughout the movie. I left the movie wanting to come home and be a better mom!

My favorite line from the movie, that I have found myself saying to my kids when I drop them off at school, is this:

“Have the day you have!” When Mr. and Mrs. Green drop Timothy off for his first day of school, Joel Edgerton tells Timothy to “have a great day”. Jennifer Garner then tells him that that’s too much pressure. So, Joel Edgerton rephrases with “Have the day you have!”

The Odd Life of Timothy Green is officially in theaters, so what are you waiting for?!

I received free movie passes to a pre-screening of The Odd Life of Timothy Green. All opinions expressed are my own.


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  • I haven’t seen this movie, yet, but am dying to! From the previews I have to agree that “Have the day you have!” seems to be the best line ever! I’ve seen/heard so many great things about this movie so am patiently waiting for it to come to our small theater.

  • I definitely want to see this movie. I like that it is clean, so my 2-year old could watch it. However, she’s more into animated movies. I’m going to try and talk my SO into watching it with me, though! 🙂

  • I got to see this movie also! I 100% agree with you on it! This is a great movie! A nice change of pace! I love it! Go see it people if you have not yet!

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