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Building Friendship While Building Boxtrolls To Win a Trip for Four to LA

Read how I turned a fun weekend activity with the kids into a chance to win an amazing trip to LA (and how you can too) thanks to my sponsors at Focus Films and The Boxtrolls

A few weekends ago I had a fun day babysitting my niece and nephew. When they get together with my kids, it’s always a fun (but busy) time. They are always planning or putting together something fun, so when they spend a long day together, I like to have a few activities up my sleeve. Thanks to Focus Film’s new movie “The Boxtrolls” (set to be released in Theatres 9/26/14) I had the perfect activity for them!

“The Boxtrolls” is a stop-motion animation film telling the story of an orphaned boy, Eggs who is raised by underground trash collectors, the Boxtrolls. We have been so excited or see this since we first saw the trailer in theatres a few months ago. It looks as though it will have an exciting plot to keep my 8 year old son entertained and is bright and lively enough to capture my 3 year old’s attention.

For our afternoon activity with cousins, I had collected a few “trash items” to be used as supplies (just like the Boxtrolls). Then after letting the kids watch movie trailer again for inspiration, I let the kids get creative making their own “trash item” Boxtroll.

I set the box of odds and ends on the table along with some scissors, glue and markers. It was so much fun to see them riffle through all the “trash treasures” to find just the right items.

What they finally came up with really and truly left me amazed at their creativity! They used paper grocery bags and a few other items to make themselves into a Boxtroll! I would have never thought of that! I snapped a few photos and then let the kids have fun acting like Boxtrolls!

After they finished creating their Boxtrolls, I surprised them with some really exciting news… I plan to enter their Boxtroll creations in the “Build a Boxtroll” Sweepstakes so that they could win them a trip for 4 to LA for the premier of the movie! They where so excited planning and scheming what a trip to LA would be like! I insisted that I would have to go as a chaperone!

If you would like to build a Boxtroll yourself or with your little ones, entry to the Build A Boxtroll Sweepstakes is 3 easy steps:
1. Make a totally awesome Boxtroll
2. Snap a pic
3. Share your photo on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the #BuildABoxtrollSweeps hashtag

(See official rules here. No purchase necessary. 18+ years old. 50 US States + District of Columbia only)

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