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The Woes of Potty Training: GoodNites Disposable Bed Mats To The Rescue #HuggiesWalmart

The Woes of Potty Training: GoodNites Disposable Bed Mats to the Rescue

Oh, the woes of potty training. My oldest son was by far my easiest child to potty train. He set me up with high expectations for my other kids, only to be disappointed that potty training my kids isn’t always going to be easy. I had such high hopes too! My oldest basically potty trained himself in about 2 days flat, at exactly 2 and a half. As soon as he was day dry, he was also night dry. We never had any bedwetting issues with him. I was so lucky!

Then my twins came along. Twin boys – and they were about 3 and half when they were potty trained. It was quite frustrating, but I wasn’t totally surprised since they were boys, twins, and easily distracted. They had just a few accidents at night (while sleeping), but they were pretty much night dry instantly, as well.

And then there is my daughter. I had always heard that girls are easier to potty train, but in my case, this hasn’t exactly been true. I finally started calling my daughter potty trained at 3, which isn’t too terrible. However, she is nowhere near night dry, and she still has one or two accidents about every two weeks. Not too bad on the accident end, but the night dry part is killin’ me! I don’t see it happening very soon either. The thing that makes it rough is that my daughter doesn’t sleep through the night, and I have a sneaking suspicion that she wakes up because she is peeing (in a diaper). This nighttime training is not so fun! I feel that as long as she is wearing a diaper at night, she won’t have that sense of wetness, and won’t stay dry. I don’t know if this is true or not, but I was desperate to try something new – especially after having to wash sheets last night!

I discovered the GoodNites Bed Mats, which I purchased at Walmart.com. They were only $9.47 for 9, which really isn’t bad considering what these will do for me! Checkout was a breeze, and I was able to select site-to-store shipping, for same day pickup! When you visit the Walmart website, you can also take a little quiz to receive a printable coupon for $2 off GoodNites Bed Mats.

I decided to purchase a few packages of Bed Mats, so that they will last me a little while. I also wanted to give grandma a few to keep on hand, for when Little Girl has sleepovers. These fold up nice and small, and are easy to take along for any holiday travels. The great thing about the GoodNites Disposable Bed Mats is that they lay neatly on the bed, and can work for any age child (or adult – hey, it happens). If someone wets the bed, then easy breezy – just remove the disposable bed mat and throw it away! Voila, no wet sheets for moms to wash!! Hallelujah!! I was also concerned about how comfortable these mats would be, and if they would stay in place, but I am happy to report that they are soft and don’t make a lot of noise. They also have a backing on the corners, that you peel off to have the mat stick in place, on the sheet. They don’t leave any residue when peeled off either!

I also decided that my daughter might sleep better and feel more comfortable getting up to potty in the night, if I have a nice nightlight in her room, that she feels is special. I spotted this cute nightlight at Walmart.com, that shines a fairy castle on the wall or ceiling. I have already placed it in Little Girl’s room and she loves it!


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  • I wish I would’ve had these for my son! I mean, he’s four and potty trained but there was a time recently where he kept wetting the bed. I’m definitely buying these for my other child when he starts potty training!

  • I hated potty training! My DD6 had troubles with night time bed wetting until last year. I have changed so many sheets in the middle of the night I’ve lost count! I really wish I had known about these pads when he was younger! Thanks for sharing!

  • Okay, I SOOO wish I had known about these four months ago when potty training my little one… wow, it was tough washing sheets EVERY day… Believe me, I will remember these when I begin potty training my last little one 😉 Thanks for the post and info!

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