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Just a heads up that this post, and part of my 2012 Holiday Gift Guide, is going to be full of product reviews and giveaways for kids. Let’s start with some gifts for boys.

Hasbro has released a new line of Nerf products called Nerf Firevision. In this line, you can find a Sports Football, Sports Hyper Bounce Ball and Nerfoop. Each of these products range from $10-$20, and bring the game of Nerf up a notch, by adding a glowing streak of light that can be seen day or night. When you activate your FIREVISION ball with a pair of cool FIREVISION Frames, you reveal a glow with a range over 100 feet/30 meters. I received the Firevision Football, and hubby and I went outside at night to give it a whirl. Simply put on your Firevision Frames, and make sure your batteries are in (yes, it does take batteries), and have some fun in the dark. Of course, you can play in daylight as well, but it’s not quite as cool. The balls themselves do not need charging, and play can last a long time before needing to replace batteries. The Nerf Firevision products can be found at stores like Walmart, ToysRUs, Target and more.

Next up in the line of gifts for boys is the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage Blaster. My oldest son has quite the Nerf artillery, and he desires to continue growing his collection. Among the top 2 gifts he wants for his birthday and Christmas (both coming up) is another large Nerf Gun. The Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage Blaster is on sale on Amazon for $28.88. This powerful blaster can fire the Elite Darts up to 75 feet, which just may be the farthest shooting Nerf gun we own. It contains a 25-dart drum magazine and a bonus is that the Elite Darts work with all N-Strike Elite blasters and most original N-Strike blasters. I love when new products are created and their accessories can be compatible with other versions you may already own.

A hit line of toys among boys has been the Trash Pack gang! With Street Sweepers, Garbage Trucks and Trashies galore, kids can have fun collecting a slew of trashies. There are 3 series of Trashies that have been released, and I wanted to share with you the Trash Pack Ooze Pack and Series 3 5-Pack. With the Liquid Ooze Pack, it’s time to get  sticky, icky and oozey, which is right up many boys’ alley!

With more than 100 Trash Pack characters aka Trashies to choose from, kids can collect and swap a host of Bin Monsters, Bin-Sects, Hard Rubbish, Grubz, Bin Critters and Bin-Fections with names like Putrid Pizza, Garbage Gull, Germ-Worm, and Mucky Maggot. Each Trashie figure comes in three different colors and is awarded a special status common, rare, ultra rare, special edition or exclusive Trashie depending on its collectability and how easy it is to find. There are even colour-changing and sticky wall-crawling Trashies!

Kids can play games with their Trashies, such as Take Out the Trash, Stack the Trash and more.

Little ones can add to their Mr. Potato Head Collection with Mr. Potato Head Create-A-Tater Sgt. Starch, at only $5.99! What I love about the Create-A-Taters is that you can get accessories without having to add another potato to your collection. If you already have a variety of potato heads, add this lovable Police Officer to the collection.

For boys and girls, I have the FarmVille Animal Games. You know the FarmVille game that became very popular on facebook? Now kids ages 4+ can get in on the fun with these adorable card games, which store inside of a zipped up soft farm animal. I have seen these games on the endcaps in the toy section at Target, and prices are very affordable. You can choose from Memory, Old Maid and Go Fish.

Now for the girls –

For girls 6+, they can have fun jeweling and blinging up their backpacks, purses, notebooks and other items, with Blingles! I got to try Blingles out at BlogHer, in New York, and I thought they were so cool and easy to use. I even blinged up my name badge. With a magnetic little stylus, you can grab hold of the desired color blingle, and stick it wherever you’d like. The Blingles Accessory Pack retails around $25 and comes with:

  • Everything needed to create up to eight designs!
  • Trinket box with lock, photo frame, keyring, gift cards
  • Blingles storage tray & 250 gems, gem mat, gem pen
  • Design templates, glue roll, transfer slides, complete instructions
For the My Little Pony admirers, how about the My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle RC Car and My Little Pony Princess Cadance Pony? The Twilight Sparkle RC Car is perfect for little girls that have a desire to race their brother’s remote control cars in style. This is the case in my family anyway. Twilight Sparkle retails around $25, but can be found on sale on Amazon for $22.99.
Princess Cadance is an absolutely gorgeous pony that looks like one to rule the land. She can also be found on Amazon for $21.99. Cadance is no ordinary princess because she requires 2 AAA batteries, which helps her talk. She says things such as “Today is my wedding day”, when her button is pressed.  Cadance comes with dress, comb and crown, and even better – her wings move and light up!

Now that I’ve given you tons of gift ideas, for those special little ones in your life, how about a giveaway? There will be three winners – one for each item listed below:

  • Firevision Hyper Bounce ball (in case you want to purchase Nerf Firevision Frames, to go along with this, you can do so on Amazon)
  • FarmVille Animal Games
  • Blingles Theme Pack

This giveaway will end at 11:59pm PST on 12/16. To enter, input your name and email in the form below, then complete the entries.

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I received some promotional items, to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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