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Nutrisystem Week 4 #NSNation

Sigh – not a great week to be reporting on my weight loss journey. For Nutrisystem Week 4, I am sad to report that I didn’t have a great week for weight loss. I had a very busy week and it was difficult for me to stick to the diet. I did increase my exercise, which I am trying to feel good about, despite the weight gain. It was that “time of the month” for me, so I am hoping that pre-menstrual bloating is to blame for my weight gain.

When going in the opposite direction of my goal, it can be very challenging to stay positive and motivated. I am trying really hard just to focus on the fact that I got my exercise in. I did the treadmill twice, with a jog, and I went for a really long brisk walk one day. That is a good thing right? Now, if only I can get the exercise AND diet part down at the same time, I should be golden!

I have 10 more months until hubby is home with me again, full time, and I really want to get my weight under control before he is. I know I do better with diet and exercise, when I have that support around all the time. I need to somehow find a way to get the motivation and support from myself. Any suggestions?

Starting weight: 173.8
Last week’s weight: 170.4
Current weight: 172

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  • Hi Emily, I’ve been reading your Nutrisystem posts and I can empathize with you! I just wanted to share my journey – in short – to perhaps encourage you. My husband and I have begun a journey with Take Shape For Life. We have a personal Certified Health Coach (FREE!) for life. Weightloss is just step 1 of the Habits of Health. I will know my wk2 results for sure on Wednesday, but as of week 1, I was down 5 pounds and my husband was down 10. I know that I am smaller this week as well because my clothes are fitting better. I realize that you are doing the Nutrisystem as a trial for them, but take a look at my coach’s website. ( Even with your current meal plan, adding in the educational benefits of the Habits of Health could really help you reach your health goals. Let me know what you think, really.

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