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Cabbage Patch Kids Babies + Free Shutterfly Photo Book

Cabbage Patch Kids Babies

Cabbage Patch Kids bring back some nostalgic memories. When I was a little girl, I had a Cabbage Patch Doll that looked a tad like me. My two sisters who are 8 and 10 years older than me, each had a Cabbage Patch Doll that I thought looked like them. Because they were so much older than me, I got to play with their dolls in addition to my own.  I don’t know if my sisters know that I thought their dolls looked like them, but they definitely reminded me of my sisters. I loved changing my dolls’ outfits and playing mommy to them.

The Cabbage Patch Kids line has released a new line of Cabbage Patch Kids Babies. These babies have a lot of the same qualities and features of the original Cabbage Patch Kids, but I think they hold up to play better. The faces/heads are not all out of fabric and stuffing like as recall mine being.  These babies offer the ultimate nurturing play for young girls and boys. With six different fashion styles in a large variety of hair and eye colors, silky hair and removable fashions, little mommies will love caring for their newly adopted Babies! Each Cabbage Patch Baby comes in his or her own pajamas or onesie outfit, matching blanket and special CPK cabbage leaf bottle and pacifier. A fun feature that I think little girls will love is that each baby comes with their own birth certificate with a one-of-a-kind-name, birth date and adoption papers. These adorable little babies retail for $24.99 and are geared toward children ages 2-5.

From Sept 1st through Dec 31st, specially marked Cabbage Patch Kids products come with a promo code for a FREE Shutterfly 8×8 hardcover Photo Book (a $29.99 value). Shoppers can also enter the Cabbage Patch Kids® One-of-a-Kind Kid Photo contest by uploading a favorite photo of their child with or without their Cabbage Patch Kid. One lucky child will be featured on a future Cabbage Patch Kids doll package plus many other prizes will be awarded including Cabbage Patch Kids and Shutterfly gift cards.

Loads of fun going on right now with Cabbage Patch Kids! Did you have a Cabbage Patch Kids doll when you were younger?


I received a Cabbage Patch Kids Baby to facilitate my post. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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Emily Buys


  • I thought it would be fun to try to find a Cabbage Patch Doll that not only looked like my daughter but had name close to hers. Well, I found one that was a collector doll that not only looked like her but had the same name as her. I think it’s cute to see the doll dressed for school and carrying an apple for the teacher and today my daughter,who is 23, is a teacher. This was sometime around 1990.

  • When I was almost one my parents entered me into a contest at a grocery store to win a cabbage patch doll, I won! And that was in 1985 🙂

  • I remember these so well! I used to love them, here is the thing though, now looking at these things I do think they are kinda ugly!

  • Great post Emily, just love these dolls my-self, I just love hearing about people’s different story’s as their are so many and these dolls mean so much to people! My daughter has two and they have to go everywhere with her 🙂

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