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Cross Off Hunger This Season #BetterTogether

Cross Off Hunger

As I shared with you a week or two ago, Unilever and its family of brands are striving to cross off hunger, across America. With their initiative, Unilever hopes  to donate two million meals to families in need. They are involved with Feeding America, as part of their sustainable living goal to help one billion people improve their health and well-being. When I first mentioned to my husband that I was going to work with Unilever to bring about awareness for this initiative, he thought they only covered toiletries. He wasn’t seeing a connection between Unilever and Feeding America. So wrong!

Unilever’s family of brands cover the gamet, including: Ragu Pasta Sauce (a staple in my home), Best Foods Mayonnaise, Lipton Tea and other Lipton products, Brummel & Brown (another item I always keep on-hand), Vaseline, Degree, TRESemme, Sauve and so many more! With the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan, Unilever would like to bring awareness around environmental well-being, health and well-being, and enhancing livelihoods. Quite the feat, but I believe it is something we can all be working on. You can learn about the hunger crisis and the role that Food Banks play on MakingLifeBetter.com.

By purchasing Unilever products, we are helping Unilever reach their goals, which in turn helps America! Aside from purchasing Unilever products, there are things we can be doing at home to help the nation’s environmental well-being. One thing that I have taught my children from a very young age is to recycle. Living in California, we don’t really have a choice but to recycle. Most households have two trash cans in their kitchen; one for garbage and one for items to be recycled. The same goes for the garbage cans we take out to the street. We also have a large green toter that holds things such as grass clippings and other safe  items from nature.

Because I always keep jarred spaghetti sauce on-hand (typically Ragu and Bertolli), I teach my kids to rinse out the jar when it is empty, and to place it in our recycle can. In addition to simple tasks like these, I try to teach my kids about good nutrition and taking care of hygiene.

This Holiday season, I wanted to do more to contribute to crossing off hunger, but also to sustainable living. I headed to Walmart and shopped for a bunch of Unilever products, to show my support for what they are trying to achieve. I was able to make $50 go a long way, and I believe I will be able to reach a lot of people. A few of the items are just items I like to keep at home, for personal use, but most of the items I purchased, are to donate to a local shelter, “Hands of Hope”. I recently donated to this shelter, and they were beyond appreciative, so I am more than thrilled to help out again. This is a shelter where people go to get off of the streets, and to get cleaned up. They rely on items such as shampoo, soaps, lotions, deodorant, food, and so much more.

The shelter only accepts donations a few days a week, and I missed the deadline for this week. However, I showed my kids what we have to donate, and we’ve got everything in bags and ready to go. I think it is so neat that at a young age, even my kids can appreciate getting involved and doing some good.

On my way out of Walmart, I noticed a Salvation Army Bell Ringer, and asked him if I could snap a picture. He was so happy and kind, and I thought that seeing him could be a reminder to all that there are so many different ways we can give and help sustain life, and to cross off hunger. Let us try to get in the mindful spirit, to give, to help, and to be more conscious of what we use and do in our daily lives.

To see more of my shopping trip, you can view my Google+ Album.


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