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Nutrisystem Week 5: My Commitment To Stop Drinking Soda #NSNation

Nutrisystem Week 5: My Commitment To Stop Drinking Soda

Wow – I cannot believe that I have completed Nutrisystem Week 5! I do wish I had more results to show for it, but any pounds lost, are pounds lost right? I had a better week this week, and I think I have found more motivation too! I apologize for the delay in this week’s post. In just a few days I will have my post for week 6.

Some things that I am proud of for this week:

I made the commitment to stop drinking soda – at least for now. I was having a diet soda about every two days. I never drank diet soda until I started dieting a couple of years ago. I used it as a treat that didn’t have calories. For a while, I looked at it as okay because surely it has to be better for you than regular soda. Boy am I learning that might be a false assumption. Since hubby is in chiropractic school, he is learning a lot about healthy eating, drinking and vitamins. He has been telling me for months that aspartame is horrible for me and I need to stop drinking the stuff. I just couldn’t break myself of it though! The really horrible part is that I have gotten my daughter onto it! Eek – bad mommy moment!

My diet soda intake has increased significantly over the past year, as has my weight and health issues. I’m not saying that I know one is related to the other, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to at least test the waters. After I would drink a soda, I would get a little ache in my stomach, and I can’t help but think the aspartame has something to do with it. I know that more and more, researchers are telling us how bad aspartame is for us. So that was commitment number one, and I am about 5 days without it so far. Here’s to keeping that up!

My next commitment was to really decrease how much I eat out. It is a guilty pleasure of mine that is too expensive and unhealthy. Granted, sometimes I would get a salad or healthy sandwich, but I really would intake more calories than I likely should. My finances have become scarier and scarier as we near the end of chiropractic school, and I have got to watch my money so carefully. Eating out shouldn’t be a regular thing for me, but a treat perhaps. I am going to try to eat out only once per week. Wish me luck – I am going to need it!! This one is going to be more difficult than cutting out soda. I never ordered soda at a restaurant because it cost too much (I just purchased it at the store). Eating out less will also help me to commit to eating my Nutrisystem Meals. I also learned some things about NS today, that made me realize I under-eat when I choose to follow Nutrisystem. No wonder I have been so hungry, and then go crazy on the other stuff!

My third and final commitment for the week was to increase my exercise and do the treadmill 3+ days per week. I succeeded on this as well. I had to get it out of my head that if I wasn’t running hard the whole time, then it wasn’t good enough. I can grow to tolerate or even love the treadmill, but it takes me time. I’m not in that swing right now, so I need to ease myself into the tough(er) stuff. If I push myself too hard, which I tend to do, then I will resent running. I am starting with just 20 minutes per day. I am running a mile in 12 mins or less, then speed walking for about 5 minutes. The last few minutes are spend doing sprints. So I still get a mile and a half in, which isn’t too shabby considering it’s been a while. Allowing myself that walking time really helps me to get my head back in the game.

Ready for my results this week? I am down – not as much as I’d like, but I am very hopeful for great results in the next week or two.

Starting weight: 173.8
Last week’s weight: 172
Current weight: 171.4

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  • Good luck on your diet.
    For many years I have heard that aspartame and other sugar substitutes are bad for our bodies. I, too, get the same sick feeling after eating something that contains it.
    Keep up the good work with your diet and your blogs!

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