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Dial Into Giving SIMPLE Service Project for Champions for Kids #DialCFK

This weekend I had the privilege of gathering friends and family together for a great cause – Champions for Kids. I made a decision this past year to try to use my blog for good causes. While I believe delicious recipes and money saving tips are fabulous causes, I wanted to really try to make a difference in people’s lives, in one way or another. I think I am slowly figuring out ways to make a difference, and to help others make a difference in their lives, but I have much to learn and do. I am continually learning, but as I become passionate about certain causes, I hope you can too.

I decided to be a part of the Dial Into Giving SIMPLE Service Project, which goes to helping children live healthier and cleaner lives. I want to be one in a million to help Champions for Kids reach 20 million kids by 2020. I headed to Walmart on a hunt for a bundle of toiletry products to donate to a local women and children’s shelter. What I realized while out doing my shopping is that there are so many toiletry items that you can get for very little money.

2 packs of Dial Bar Soap are only $.97. You can also score other dial soaps, certain brands of deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrushes, for less than $1. You don’t have to spend a lot to make a difference. We sometimes think that people who are in need should have food stamps and things to cover these items, but they don’t. Food stamps don’t pay for toiletry items. Oftentimes the basic needs of children are left unattended because any money their parents receive, go to paying bills. For such a small price for all of us, we can really make a difference in someone’s life!

I didn’t want this act of charity to stop with me, so I created an event where friends and family could drop by my house today, to donate toiletry items. I scheduled an event on facebook, and invited everyone in town who I am friends with on facebook. I also texted my friends who are not on facebook. I announced that anyone who came to my house to donate products would receive an ice cream float: rootbeer or sherbet. Sometimes it takes food to get people to feel generous, so I thought I would provide that little service. šŸ˜‰

I had the drive today and had a blast. I really wish more people had stopped by, but I had fun visiting and eating with those who did. I also had a couple of people drop off items before and after the event. I was amazed at some of my friends’ generosity, and was inspired to be better. I will continue to accept donations for a few more days before heading off to a local women and children’s shelter.

I didn’t want to just share with you what I did to help give back to my community. I was hoping to inspire you to do a little giving back. If you are unsure of what shelters are in your area, do some googling or calling around. They aren’t hard to find. If you don’t want to host an event, then see what you and some close friends could do. The friends who came by to donate items loved what we were doing, and thought it was very cool. It doesn’t take much to make a difference in someone else’s life. After all, this campaign is all about simple service projects. You don’t need to make things complicated, fancy, or expensive, to give back! To see more photos from my shopping trip and my donation drive, check out my Google+ Album.

To follow along the action, be sure to follow Champions for Kids on Facebook and Twitter, and follow Dial on Facebook and Twitter.


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  • This is awesome! A group of moms at our kids school get together to share coupons but we have also shared items and we bring in our extras of food, toiletries, and also gently used clothed for our struggling struggling families of our school. The families know it comes from our group but we have one leader that works with the principal to find who the families are that are in need so that we don’t need to know who they are. That way they can remain anonymous and just know the school cares and we are trying to help out one another! I love it!!

  • That is such a great bundle of products to deliver! I remember cleaning out our house in Ohio years ago and taking a TON of toiletries to the local charity which had a women’s shelter. Many of them were the hotel sized products my husband had brought home (still sealed) from business trips. I know that they really appreciated the donation as people are often coming with just the clothes on their back.

  • I didn’t realize that you can’t put food stamps towards those kinds of basic necessities! I’m inspired now to check out our local shelters and see what needs they have and how I can help. Thanks!

  • The nature of the blog highlights shopping deals year round. Locally, any of the food banks I donate to are thrilled to receive personal care items. Those who are visiting food banks can’t afford to purchase dental care products any easier. There are times I just stop bringing home the free toothpaste/floss/brushes that the drugstore sales provide … because I’m maxed out. Then I learned how receptive the food pantries are to receive these donations. Soaps, shampoos, deoderants — same thing. I’m partial to donating dental supplies as everyone needs to brush their teeth.

  • What a great cause! I know the people that get those items will be appreciative. And you’re right it doesn’t take a lot to give back, if everyone just gave a little it would make a world of difference. I am definitely inspired to see where I can donate in my community.

  • I am so impressed my this idea, there are many developing countries which can use all the help they need. It is an incredible drive and I really appreciate the efforts put in. Every drop of water counts and I am sure in the end it will help make a better world. Kudos to the effort.

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